A Wedding in Little Tokyo

Under the stress of living as a Japanese woman in Los Angeles just before the start of World War II, there is a mysterious encounter with supernatural forces.  This story uses magical realism to weave a story that incorporates the myths and traditions of ancient Japan into the fabric of everyday life.

As the light danced through the trees it moved toward her with apparent purpose and direction. Suddenly Miraku heard another burst of barks which roused the kit puppy. Pushing a snout through the pine branches, there appeared a snow white fox, a kitsune. Miraku counted five fluffy white tails arched over the vixen’s back and another four carried closer to the ground. Her eyes expressed quickness beyond the cunning of an ordinary fox. Miraku knew she was face-to-face with a vixen of great age and wisdom, capable of wondrous, magical feats. As the fox gazed cautiously at her, Miraku sensed a delicate sensitivity in the kitsune which gave the aspect of a lovely human courtesan. The fox bared her teeth when she spoke and the guard hairs around her nostrils moved together as a field of poppies traced by the wind.

A Wedding in Little Tokyo was published in Discover Nikkei magazine. It was a finalist in the magazine’s first annual “Imagine Little Tokyo” short story contest in 2014.

Category: Published short story. Genre: magical realism

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Photo credit: Ken Hilton via Unsplash.com

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