A Halloween Masque

Bridget is reluctant to attend this year’s high school Halloween dance. Her boyfriend died on that night in a car accident the previous year.

Bridget drove a mile down the gravel road that ran parallel to the highway. She had almost forgotten about it as the shortcut to Cromwell. Bridget’s mother never took that road anymore, since the accident, but Bridget was in a hurry. When they curved around the first bend Bridget’s headlights illuminated a massive, twisted oak tree, its branches extending far across the road. There was a long, deep gash in the trunk of the tree where Victor’s car had veered into it that night last year on his way to the Junior Halloween dance. Bridget saw something moving in the brush beside the tree.

A Halloween Masque was published in Kings River Life magazine. It was the third place winner in KRL’s 2014 Halloween Mystery Short Story contest.

Category: Published short story. Genres: paranormal, young adult

© Avril Adams, 2022

Photo credit: Szabo Janos via Unsplash.com

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